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Major Lazer - Come On To Me (feat. Sean Paul) by Major Lazer [OFFICIAL]

I would drink so much more coffee
Ink - I’m not a fan of Voltaggio but I am a fan of his food and execution. From the perfectly executed umami smothering his scallop and egg yolk gnocchi to the easy eating design of the Manchego biscuit and la Quercia Berkshire ham plate he certainly shows a firm grasp of what people want to eat and how we want to have it served. Now to do something about the under decorated space…

Grade: A-
Take 3. (Taken with Instagram)
Pre-Race Day brunch @ Sally’s (Taken with Instagram)
Estofado de alpaca @ Mo-Chica (Taken with Instagram)
Laundry day. (Taken with Instagram)
Breakfast potatoes (Taken with Instagram)
The ‘kuya (Taken with Instagram)
Picture City Porter w/ Coffee Granules - The stoutiest porter I’ve ever had. But it’s so delicious I can’t complain. The added coffee granules are genius. Grade: A (Taken with Instagram)